GRE Practice Tests

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE®) is required for admission by many graduate school programs. Our GRE practice test is the correct choice for graduate programs such as psychology or engineering.

GMAT Sample Tests

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) is required for admission to most business school programs worldwide. Our GMAT practice test is the correct choice for prospective MBA candidates.

Executive Assessments

The Executive Assessment (EA®) is designed to evaluate business school readiness based upon career experience. Our EA practice test is the correct choice for working professionals applying to a school that does not require the GMAT®.

Accurate Scoring

We offer adaptive practice tests otherwise only available through full-service GRE Test, GMAT Exam, and EA Prep service providers. Admission test instructors and tutors worldwide integrate our software into their curriculum to leverage the highly accurate score assessment features of our practice tests.

Original Content

Independent question pools with no repeats or overlap. We offer six completely original GRE practice tests that you can access immediately from this website. We also offer nine complete GMAT practice tests and nine Executive Assessment practice tests available available for instant access.

Answers & Explanations

After completing your practice test session, you will be presented with your score and a chance to review the questions on your exam along with your answers, the correct answers, total time spent on each question, and explanations for every question.

"The style of questions, difficulty level, and the final score received on CATPrep’s practice tests are all very accurate. Great tests!"

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Begin immediately - nothing to install! Runs on any system with a modern browser (Windows, Mac, iPad, Kindle, smart phone, Linux).

Access Never Expires

After your exam is complete you are presented with your score and the questions on your exam along with your answers, the correct answers, total time spent on each question, and question explanations. Every test session is automatically saved and you may reload all of this data on-demand at anytime!

Support for Non-standard Options

Our tests support the nonstandard options available to test takers with qualifying disabilities. Our simulator recreates the actual nonstandard options available to test takers with documented disabilities and allows them to practice under the true conditions they will experience on test day.

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More about our exams…

The #1 key to computer adaptive test success is realistic practice.

Strategic Time Management

On test day, when the timer starts blinking at the 5 minute mark will you panic or will you calmly strategize for maximum points? You’ll handle it well after practicing under the realistic conditions of our practice tests!

Endurance Under Stress

You can have all the knowledge needed to ace the test, but if you can’t rack your brain under pressure, you’re not going to score well on these timed assessments. Relieve test day stress with our true length smart practice tests - guaranteed to enhance your preparation and overall score!

Computer Adaptive Tests

They call them Computer Adaptive Tests because the tests actually adapt to your performance! Most practice tests can’t do this but our accurate reproduction of the question and section selection algorithm provides the most realistic practice tests available anywhere!

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What people are saying

Reviews from test takers who scored higher with our practice tests!

James Leme

Extremely useful!

Really liked the practice tests, found them extremely useful and well worth every penny spent. Would strongly recommend them.

Jackie B.

I really like the tests.

I really like the tests. It is just like the real thing. I find the verbal to be very challenging.

Michelle D.

Very Helpful!

The value pack (4 test) is a great way to overcome the intimidation of a timed test and improve quick thinking skills.

Umar N.


I used the first two simulations and it was very helpful.

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